Teague "Color & Material" 787 Dreamliner Design Gallery

  • Boeing provided an interior design space for Teague, the sole interior design contractor supporting all their airplane models. The function of this space was to provide a working space for Boeing and Teague to develop the interior decor with their airline customers. Our design brief directed us to utilize this space to provide design inspiration to visitors and leverage Teague's aircraft interior design expertise and leadership.
  • The lobby space of the Color + Materiial Gallery, inside the greater Boeing Dreamliner Gallery facility, was carefully and clearly branded as a "Teague" work space. Three raised panels present the Teague interior design philosophy for this unique airplane.  
  • The breakthrough new 787 has larger windows, dramatic architectural features and an unique LED lighting system. Teague presents it's unique design philosophy for this new environment in three easy to understand panels. 
  • Within the studio workspace, inspirational color philosophy panels accent the colorful shelves of textiles and decorative materials. 
  • Every color reflects a message and lays a foundation for a mood. What mood do you want to reflect?