Teague Aviation Studio Inside Boeing Facility

  • Teague is the sole interior design contractor to Boeing. When Boeing moved Teague to a new facility near the Everatt Plant, we seized the opportunity to create a branded environmental experience differientiated from the typical Boeing office. 

    Here, display cases were designed for the lobby area to the studio to highlight the 80+ year legacy of iconic product designs by Walter Dorwin Teague & Associates. 
  • Each conference room was named after an iconic Teague design. Our Boeing and airline customers delighted and marveled in Teague's extraordinary design heritage. This provided a source of pride for Teague employees as well as positive working environment and a memorable experience with our customers. 
  • Complimenting the abundance of large plate glass walls, dividers and doors, simple typography was applied to frosted acrylic backed with silver film to create luminescent, very legible and visually appealing signage. 
  • Clear construction drawings had to be create for vendors to insure perfect execution and installation. 
  • Hanging departmental signs were created for each design group improving wayfinding for a steady flow of  Boeing customers visiting our expansive studio space.