• Tangible Memories
    Photography, Giclee Prints, 13" x 19", 2012
  • Photographs are most often equated with memory. They capture amoment in time that the photographer does not wish to forget. The imageproduced is a mechanism through which one can construct the past, however theimage is simply that: an image. When looking at a photograph of a landscapefrom a place traveled, all that is captured is a representation of thelandscape at that particular moment, not the smell of the breeze, the sounds ofthe ocean, or the feeling of sand beneath one’s feet.

    Inspired by my own inability and desire to recall memories of myElon experience, my work seeks to bring attention to our desire to hold ontomemories, and purposes the possibility of doing so. What if we could hold ontoevery detail experienced, the smell, taste, and feeling of a moment captured?Through interviewing fellow Elon seniors, I asked them to tell me about aparticular moment during their four years which they wished to hold onto. Ithen photographed their hands and either a place or object that representedtheir personal memory. My work is a result of our conversations and theirshared desire to transform a memory from the intangible to the tangible.