Taming the Tablet (09–10)

Created: 07/10/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
With this project I am basically exploring all I can do with my tablet and Photoshop while still trying to remain true to my traditional drawing techniques. It is a way for me to find a happy medium between cg and tangible, smelly, messy media.
Project Info
  • Taming the Tablet
    Making my tablet work for me
  • Since we're living in the 21st century, I feel it is important for me to be familiar with using a tablet. After a few months of working with it in Photoshop, I must say it's really great. However, I am still more comfortable with using traditional media on paper/canvas to create my pieces.

    This "project" I'm doing is basically a way for me to discover how I can integrate my preferred use of graphite, ink, and paint with digital techniques. The tablet shall be my bridge to transition between drawing and digital creation and hopefully I can come up with some really nice works.

    The works here are basically individual pieces that aren't part of any larger project I'm working on; so you'll see a multitude of different subjects and the only thing that they will share in common is the use of my tablet.
  • This is one of my very earliest successful works using the tablet. I sketched out the figure's initial position in a notebook, scanned it, and then traced over it in Photoshop. I must say I'm still happy with it to this day.

    Created July, 2009.
  • This is another early piece. I was trying to develop a coloring style that I could easily accomplish with the tablet.
    It was originally an ink drawing that I traced over in Photoshop.

    Created July, 2009.
  • Another one of my characters, Photoshop made it so easy to create the plaid design for her skirt.
    Seeing as how the style is a bit more simplified and sketchy, I drew it straight with the tablet.
    I also tried a new way of coloring.

    Created August, 2009.
  • Drawn with the same principles as the piece above.

    Created August, 2009.
  • This piece was also done entirely on Photoshop. For this one, I was inspired to try digital painting. I do like the results of my attempt.

    Created November 2009.
  • For this piece I drew the whole thing entirely on Photoshop, no ink/graphite sketches or anything.

    Created January, 2010.
  • This piece was also done entirely on Photoshop.

    Created May 2010.
  • Here I tried a whole new concept. Have the delicate strokes of a pen/pencil mixed with the easy ability to manipulate in Photoshop to create something interesting.

    I've decided that if I'm going to draw something serious straight in Photoshop I'm going to do it like this.

    Created June 2010.
  • For this I drew and inked the outline on paper, scanned it, then filled it with color and added the text in Photoshop.

    Created July 2010.
  • This one was also outlined with a pen and then scanned in and filled in Photoshop.

    This guy is the older brother of the previous subject.

    Created July 2010.

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