Tamara and Ray Wedding Photos

Created: 11/10/12
Last Edited: 11/11/12
I brought my Sony Cyber-Shot point and shoot camera because it was small and has a far focal range.

This was a great learning experience, I've shot at a wedding before and each time I shoot my compositions are improving and finding those special moments are becoming more noticeable.

I would like to thank Ray and Tamara for inviting me to their wedding and capture some images and to share.
  • Walk into the sunset after the ceremony.
  • Opening page of photo book.
  • Left: Bride entering the auditorium. Right: Shot of some nearby foliage. 
  • Groom exchanging a few words with the minister before the wedding. 
  • Script design details on book.
  • Left: Epic sunset walk. Right: The rest of the party exiting.
  • Auditorium walkway. 
  • Seating steps.
  • Bride and groom after exchange of vows. 
  • Left: First dance. Left: Scrapbook notes.
  • First Dance
  • Classmates.
  • Bride

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