Taking Over

Created: 04/13/11
Last Edited: 11/28/12
Proposal for Islais Creek using the Design Process
  • Taking Over
    Purifying San Francisco's most polluted creek
  • This was a group collaboration between Visual Communication Designers and Locative Media Artists. The main goal was to come up with a proposal for transforming the polluted and abandoned Islais Creek.

    Our group decided that one of the main problems with Islais Creek was soil and water pollution. We researched the process of phytoremediation and realized that one of the negative aspects with the process is that the types of plants that are used to neutralize PCBs are invasive species that take over and drastically alter the environment.

    Fortunately, a radical change is exactly what we wanted for the Islais Creek area, where the soil and water is so contaminated that it is affecting the wildlife in the area. We decided that drastic times call for drastic measures and came up with the proposal to allow invasive plants to completely take over Islais Creek, creating a new environment.

    This is a theoretical, fantasy, “what if” sort of project, so what we have created is an abstract utopian future for the abandoned Islais Creek area that transforms it into a sort of living art installation that functions as a filter.

    The proposal was included as a chapter in a book of proposals for Islais Creek.

    Locative Media Group:

    Sean Bennett

    Jillian Sanchez

    Visual Communication Group:

    Victoria Gouzikovski

    Nancy Salcedo

    Felix Wang

  • Book:

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