Take a Breath Save a Breath Campaign

Created: 12/30/12
Last Edited: 11/07/13
The Take a Breath Save a Breath non-profit campaign focuses on the problem of drinking and driving for college-aged students. After researching, the statistic I found most problematic stated, “it is estimated that more than three million college students (18-24 years old) drive under the influence of alcohol” (Hingson et al. 2009).

The main goal of the campaign is to educate students about how many drinks it takes to put them over the legal limit. The campaign focuses on getting students the tools they need (like a personal breathalyzer) to be safe while still living socially.

This new campaign will be put to use on college campuses throughout the United States. Point Brewery is pairing with the campaign to help raise money to make the campaign possible. For every 6-pack or more sold, Point Brewery will donate to the campaign.

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