Table of Typographic Elements Poster

  • Table of Typographic Elements Poster
  • I'm passionate about typography, and Univers is one of my favorite faces. Besides being clean and unobtrusive, it's just so well thought out. It's a system that works together. The different weights and variations are assigned numbers to distinguish themselves. That always reminded me of the atomic numbers on the periodic table.

    I created my own periodic table, comprised of elements of typography. Each 'element' illustrates a particular trait of typography in its abbreviation. I used Univers whenever possible, but switched to more appropriate faces (mainly Garamond) to illustrate features that simply were not available (such as ligatures).

    I wanted to keep the poster as clear as possible, so I kept to a two-color scheme of black and pink. The atomic numbers are all different weights and widths of Univers, expressed in those particular weights and widths. I opted to repeat some numbers in the grid rather an include some of the more extreme fonts that might overwhelm/distract from the main features of the elements.
  • Early sketches.
  • More sketches and early layout.
  • Taking the whole thing into Illustrator and working the kinks out of the grid.
  • Printed out an early version on basic stock 8.5 x 11 and tiled together, just to get an idea of what it was going to look like. Still a lot of changes to be made!
  • The full-sized, final poster.
  • Close up detail of part of the poster.
  • Another detail of elements that couldn't be expressed entirely in Univers.
  • The final print, 24" x 36", produced on an Epson Stylus Pro 7600.