T-Shirts in Record Sleeves

  • T-Shirts in Record Sleeves
    Art Direction, Packaging, Graphic Design
  • Just like your favorite music record – this project is an oldie but goodie.

    Press Release dated July 10, 2007:
    DEFREZ® Launches Music Inspired Packaging – T-shirts in custom limited-edition vinyl record sleeves.

    The DEFREZ Collective continues to set themselves apart with the debut of unique and exclusive product packaging. T-shirts purchased online at defrez.com and at select retailers now come in custom limited-edition vinyl record sleeves and is the first of its kind to hit the marketplace.

    "Music is such a strong creative influence in what we do, that it only makes sense to package our art in record sleeves," says
    Malakai, co-owner of DEFREZ. The packaging is so innovative that DEFREZ has trademarked it.

    The vinyl record sleeves are designed by DEFREZ Collective artists, and will be released as limited-edition items. Founding artist Frez created the first set which are soon to be collector's items. Other artists who share the DEFREZ vision will design the next series launching in 2008, with the designs being more reflective of other artistic mediums beyond music.