Sysco Corporation 2009 Sustainability Report

  • "Doing More" Sustainability Report
    Sysco Corporation
  • Sysco’s 2009 Annual and Sustainability Campaign goes beyond just communicating financials to analysts and shareholders. The reports and their corresponding online components serve as marketing pieces that represent the message and current spirit of the company as well as Sysco’s focus and vision for employees, customers and suppliers in the coming year.

    Savage worked closely with Sysco to develop the messaging and design for the 2009 Annual Report and Sustainability Campaign. Sysco has taken meaningful steps to redefine its corporate brand to more accurately reflect who it is. The campaign was created to seamlessly align with the new brand.

    Sysco takes great pride in going beyond what is expected of them in terms of their customer service, operational standards and environmental responsibilities. The “Doing More” theme applies to every facet of Sysco’s business practices. Sysco’s value driven culture underlies every action it takes with suppliers, employees and customers and Sysco believes that sustainable business practices are an extension of the same values for which the company has always stood. To communicate the theme visually, a clean and simple aesthetic was applied, letting fantastic photography of Sysco’s people engaged in day-to-day activities vibrate off the page. It was important for the photography to capture the spirit of the workforce in action. Concise textual communication supports the photography and compliments the streamlined design. For the sustainability report, Sysco focused on how it is “Doing More” to enhance their own sustainability efforts, as well as those of their suppliers. Highlights include supplier decreased pesticide usage, reducing the miles driven by Sysco’s truck fleet, cutting down on packaging waste and providing nutritional and product information to help customers reduce their impact on the environment and improve their bottom line. Savage developed Infographics to visually communicate sustainable statistical information.
  • Printed Sustainability Report