Swifi – Branding for Southwest Airlines Wifi

Created: 06/10/13
Last Edited: 06/10/13
Our strategy seeks to create a fun and friendly online environment that makes it simple for Southwest passengers to
make connections with one another and go beyond the small talk.

The idea is to propel an online community by the name of Swifi. A community that will be powered by Southwest passengers to
connect those with common interests in travel. Passengers will have the ability to create a personal profile, give travel recommendations,
view a trip tracker, have access to Swifi’s database of movies, shows, and online publications, access to a Swifi photo-booth where
passengers can use their device to take pictures of themselves to post on their profile, a multi-player gaming center that allows folks
to play Texas Hold’em, a Trivia Pursuit style game, and Swifi’s own Anticipation.

By fueling the engines of communication, Swifi will make it easier for passengers to spread their wings and make their
connections in more ways than one.

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