Sustainable Notebook

Created: 09/27/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Event notebook made completely from 100% recycled materials
  • Truly sustainable notebook 
    A self-initiated challenge to make this project 100% recycled in every way.
  • The original project was a small, informational notebook to be given to Forum attendees, containing the schedule, important information, sponsor listings, and blank pages for note taking. Since the whole event was to be zero-waste and this was the only piece being printed, I decided to challenge myself to create a 100% recycled and sustainable notebook. 

    Sustainable attributes:
    Informational pages printed on paper that is 100% PCW, PCF and made using biogas energy.
    Designed to use minimum ink coverage; no photos or full-color backgrounds.
    Pages for note taking were trimmed from out-dated letterhead.
    Backed with 100% PCW chip board.
    Bound with coil made from 100% PCW plastic.
    Printed by a FSC-certified and environmentally-responsible printer.
  • Note-taking pages in the back of the book were trimmed from out-dated letterhead.

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