Web Design & Brand Identity: Surf Crush Shop

  • Website and brand identity (including name and logo) I created for a surf shop in San Diego, California.

    The colors represent the warm yellow sun and the refreshing costal blue. The name represents the ever familiar love that surf shop patron’s experience – a crush on the sport of surfing.  The mark is a merge of the two elements in the company name. It shows the perfect wave to surf. As this wave is descending to crash, it forms the shape of a reclining heart with the waters below its cap. It portrays the love of the motion of the ocean and the warm summery rays that accompany every beachgoers ideal day.
  • Page says: Surf Crush is your home for all your beach day needs. From laying out tanning to riding the waves, we’ve got everything you need. Feel good in knowing that every $10 you spend we donate $1 to our philanthropy.
  • Surf Crush was founded in 1989 by Samantha Jones of Hawaii and David Mershire of San Diego and together they breathed life into what is now a flourishing surf shack company gone viral. We have been fortunate, through our amazing customers and supporters, to be able to donate a large percentage of our profits to helping abandoned and homeless pets. We have been supporting the Animal Humane Society financially and through services since 1997. To learn even more about Surf Crush visit our Wikipedia page at: www.wikepedia.com/SurfCrush. Surf On!
  • Boards, Skin Care, Accessories, Apparel
  • Events
  • Not only do we provide you with awesome products for your beach days but we also donate $1 for every $10 you spend to our philanthropy: The Animal Humane Society. Over 80% of animals that go through the animal shelter are put down. We are trying to change that and with your help we are!  Keep supporting us and the precious animals out there that are abandoned, abused, or lost without a home or family, that desperately need our help.
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  • Note: I do not own the images used for this class project.