Summer Stage

    Summerstage 2011 - Central Park
  • The first proposal for design was to go with something that could easily speak to everyone and that would include the two points that the client wished to have implemented on at least one of the designs: music and trees, since it is about music in Central Park.
    Playful typography, bright colors and a wrap-around design.
    One of the three different themes were: illustrative, tie-dye and conceptual. The last one was the winner.
    Please find the additional work in the PROCESS section.
  • For the conceptual design, I took the aerial shot to another level and played it off with the famous I "heart" (city name) idea. And came up with this.
  • For the illustrative approach, I worked with the image of a microphone, in a very playful angle, mixed it with a organic and fluid typography to evoke summer.
    In the back there is the source from where the mic comes from, emanating life and music.
  • For my second approach, I decided to go with a fun tie-dye style but utilizing an aerial shot of how the actual Summerstage looks like.
    So from that shape, it was created a pattern and developed a color-scheme.
  • Aerial shot of Summerstage to create pattern.