Strife TV R16 Title

  • " Strife TV is a website and webisode series started in 2008 as a way to promote, document, and expand the Bboy culture. The Strife TV team have backgrounds in entertainment and online media, with experiences in video production, event promotion, web and business development, as well as Breakin. Arming themselves with a camera and film crew, Strife TV is set to create online content aimed to cover Bboy lifestyle and culture; showing the world that Bboying is more than just a dance, but an athletic artform and diverse culture. "
    This is a short opening title sequence created for their coverage of the International Breaking "Breakdancing" event R16 (Respect 16) which started in Korea. The sequence will appear before a series of videos promoting the coverage of this event as it continues to move worldwide.
    I did not design the strife tv logo or the R16 event logo. I recreated them in 3D space and worked at developing a sequence to transition between the two.
    You can see the sequence and some coverage of R16 China on Strife's channel here.