Stockley Gardens: 2011 Fall Arts Festival

  • Stockley Gardens
    2011 Fall Arts Festival Ad Campaign
  • The Stockley Gardens Arts Festival is a weekend event that introduces more than 150 artists that display work from all mediums. The festival includes  music, food, entertainment, and activities for children and adults alike. Hope House Foundation hosts the event and the funds raised goes toward the aid for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Character development

  • The objective for this ad campaign was to create a sequence of ads that would represent Stockley Garden's personality. The challenge was more on trying to appeal to everyone on different levels of attraction. The creative brief that was shared with me wanted to focus on the ad being an art piece itself. The idea was to create a more visual attraction. Keeping the colors bright, vibrant, and including characters of different personalities was intended to create a playful aspect in the design.
  • Character line up.
  • Each character/pictograph was made as part of the design's central idea. As a kid, whenever you saw a gumball machine, you would take a chance with your quarter, turn the knob,  and see what kind of prize you get from it. Each prize is different and random in most cases. The characters involved are like the prizes you would get in a gumball machine, equipped with their own personality.