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    A Catalog of My Hand-Made Dolls
  • Aside from drawing, I also have a passion for sewing and creating stuffed dolls.

    This hobby stemmed from the lack of plushies of certain anime characters. Since I could not find any dolls anywhere, I decided to create my own. From then on I branched into making dolls of my own characters.

    Often I'll use felt and old clothes for the fabrics, rarely do I go out and buy a new bolt of fabric. I'll use about anything that I find around the house that could be useful, so it's good that there's some recycling involved.

    I don't make a lot of these but when I do, I try my hardest to capture the characters' personalities and spend days and hours on end working on them.
  • The very first one I made, this is the character, Hayate, from Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto.
    It is made entirely of felt, and took about four days.

    Completed in 2005
  • The second of my felt dolls, this is a close up of Jack Spicer from the series Xiaolin Showdown.

    He took two days to make.

    Completed 2006
  • The third doll is the larger one seen here. He is one of my own characters.

    I used fabric from old clothes for his body, shirt, and pants.
    The boots were created from felt.
    His goggles were some wire wrapped in embroidery thread with a flexible plastic (cut from one of those removable stickers you put on car windows) to back it as the lens.
    I knitted a wig and then sewed it onto the head.

    He took about five days to create.

    Completed 2007

    His little companion is the sixth doll I made and is also one of my own characters.
    She is the epitome of a scrap doll and is even stuffed with scraps from a project subsequent to her large friend.

    I used the same yarn for her hair as I did her companion and also used the same cloth for her body base.

    She took two hours to make.

    Completed 2009
  • This is the fourth doll in the likeness of Mammon from the series Katekyo Hitman Reborn! by Akira Amano.

    Also made entirely of felt, I posed him next to a can of Coke for size comparison. Took four days to create.

    Completed 2008
  • My unofficial seventh doll (the boy, not the dog), also one of my own characters; I made everything but the body, head and shoes (not pictured).

    I bought the ball-jointed doll body online as well as the head and shoes.
    However, I did decorate the head myself.

    I created his hair by cutting up some embroidery thread into little bits and gluing them onto the soft plastic head.
    I also painted his features with acrylics.

    The clothes were created from the fabric of an old T-shirt and jeans.
    I sewed on the red stripes with thread.

    Completed 2010
  • Here is my latest sewn doll crafted in a similar fashion as the third one.
    I cut up some old pajamas and finished this in two days.

    Completed in 2011