Man, Smurf or More?

Created: 03/08/12
Last Edited: 07/18/13
The whole idea for the caricature came about after I was through watching an episode of the Colbert Report. My objective wasn't to extremely distort him to the point of looking cartoony, but rather to play off his distinguishable facial features. Over exaggerated features such as his signature eyebrow raise and smirk are key features of the piece. The fictional 'TIME' magazine piece is to show one aspect on how this illustration can be applied in context.
  • Colbert
  • This caricature of Comedy Central's, Stephen Colbert, was digitally painted using Adobe Photoshop. The blue 'smurf' portrait is meant to act purely as an illustration and stand on its own; however, the more naturalistic¬†rendition can be applied to various contexts.

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