Start Local

  • I can think of few better examples of incremental change than working at a publishing house, with consistency and style guides as a backbone, taking steps forward can be a challenge. An infatuation with journalistic ideals, social advocacy and a constant push can make a difference over time. Working with a great editorial team, and balancing the sales teams needs the magazine saw a reduction in advertorial content and increasingly covered local social topics, local agriculture, enviro-tourism, and found new markets for green focused advertisers as well as new custom publication clients.

    Working here taught me a lot of lessons about the importance of patience, planning, attention to details and consistent pushing at established edges.

  • The design process can be a bit of a mess.
  • The solano magazine website was run through the Rivista CMS.
  • To promote editorial and local events and in support of the local CVB Solano Magazine had me design and run HTML email campaigns for our readers as well as working with the CVB to run email to promote their events and content.