Stackables Packaging Design

  • Stackables Packaging Design

    ARTGR 484: Packaging Design, Fall 2010
    Professor Roger Baer
  • Project Description:
    • Find a problem with current packaging, and solve it.

    • Excessive packaging involved in Lunchables meals.
    • The convenience is great, but the environmental impact is unnecessary.
    • The meals are chid-oriented.
    • Unhealthy options.

    • A new brand, Stackables, with three components, including a main dish, a dessert, and a drink. The main dish is a complete meal with protein and vegetables. It is also fresh, without preservatives. The desserts are small, so they are not overindulgent. The drinks are a natural juice, not loaded with sweeteners.
    • Packaging consists of recycled plastic that is reusable, dishwasher and microwave safe, making it more eco-friendly. Their is a simple cardboard sleeve around each package.
    • The components of the meals stack together, making for easier storage.
    • The meals are symbolically coded. A V if the meal is vegetarian, and a carrot if it is vegan, making it easier to tell without reading specific ingredie