Spring 2012 Student Work

Created: 11/21/12
Last Edited: 01/23/13
This collection is of my student's work during the spring 2012 semester and is from the sophomore and junior level.
  • This is a collection of sophomore and junior level student work during the spring 2012 semester.
    The first two images are books designed as the students were inspired by the work of a chosen designer, followed by editorial design, and ends with a symbol design project where 25 symbols were designed using the same grid, then incorporated into a final application (in many cases books were made).
  • The junior-level students focused on editorial design using a two-color palette for a non-profit organization's newsletter, followed by a short term identity promotional campaign, and ending with information design. Several students were honored by having their information design posters displayed during Iowa State University's Smithsonian exhibition during the summer of 2012.

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