SpotMe Portfolio Show 2011

  • SpotMe Portfolio Show 2011
    Concept & Identity
  • For our class' Portfolio Show we came out with the theme/title of "SpotMe", since our purpose was to showcase our work and skills as Graphic Designers to the local professional community.

    I came up with this concept to represent the look and feel of the Show, inspired in the new Batman animated series. I believe it was fitting to use a spotlight as a metaphor for our goal of being noticed, and of displaying what makes us different from everyone else in the city as far as talent, and the Portfolio Show in itself. Besides the two versions of the logo, I designed all the signage, posters, invitations, and website layout for the Show.

    During the show we also had a real spotlight that used a metal die cut to project the frontal view version of the logo on black drapes we set up on the far wall of the venue (pictures of that will be added soon). I must say, we made the place look pretty awesome.

    Here's a big thanks to Grace Howell, who programmed the website. And also to Stacy Matthews, who acted as our fearless leader, and kept everyone organized, sane, and happy throughout the whole process: Thank you! We could not have done it without you!