"Spoked" II

Created: 12/08/11
Last Edited: 03/31/13
Website and membership kit for Spoked
Project Info
  • Spoked Website
  • This is the second installment of the project "Spoked". A website was created to drive awareness of the group Spoked, and to get people to join, and come out for the rides. The typeface was used in the website, and spray paint played a big role in the overall look & feel of the site elements. 
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Events page, day time events. The event posted is for a "Bag Ride", where you would create your own bag to wear with stenciled phrases, using spray paint or other mediums to get your message across. 
  • "Bag Ride" 
  • Forum page
  • Manifesto page. The idea was to have a "Road Manifesto", in the bike lanes and in the road itself. 
  • Shop page. Another idea was to sell "Spoked" team jerseys, using the typface/stencil idea and going for an obscure, non-branded jersey. No brands, very basic. Each letter would be sold and could be collected to spell SPOKED.
  • Join page. Only when you join & come out for a ride, will you get the membership kit. 

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