Splitting hairs

  • Design can take an established name and help it refine it’s message to build business and find opportunity.

    Hipster, Punk Rock, Rockabilly, from the outside they might all look similar enough to be indistinguishable, pointing out differences might be splitting hairs. In addressing a niche audience a hairs width might be the difference between communicating authenticity and appearing out of touch.

    When approaching a rebrand the voice, audience and history of a company must be understood and respected for the new messaging to ring true.

    A small local barbershop, providing traditional men’s haircuts with a modern twist (read: Don Draper in the chair next to “someone your mother warned you about”) in a modern interpretation of a classic barbershop. Leather chairs, straight razors, and most importantly—careful attention and craft put into the work. No floral scents, high pressure add-ons, no rush to get you in and out with a “good enough” haircut.
    This is a barbershop where good enough isn’t, and their branding was updated to reach out to clearly communicate their personality and position.

    With a confident swagger, the new material clearly told men who treat haircutting as a chore or necessary evil that there was a better way, just around the corner, where they could sit back, have a beer and come out looking and feeling great. Anthony’s is now the place to go in Sacramento for men who want the best.
  • Inventory of existing material
  • Brainstorming and sketching
  • Prototyping (repeat, repeat, repeat)