Spirit Works Distillery

  • Custom made glass (created with our input) with logo screen-printed on the bottle, which is used for all 3 varieties of spirits.
    A printed and foil-stamped paper label distinguishes the various products.
  • detail on back of bottle
  • The Spirit Works line is continually growing and evolving. This is the latest label I created for the new Barrel Gin.
  •  Image by Ed Anderson
  • business cards and Guide to Gin booklet. The booklet is the primary marketing piece for the distillery, with a mix of history, distillery info, recipes, and other useful material. 
  • two foot tall Trade Gothic. Tasty. Image by Frankie Norstad
  • preliminary branding explorations
  • Photos below are from the Distillery opening party, by Raen Or Shine photography
  • the logo was turned into temporary tattoos!