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Created: 04/21/13
Last Edited: 05/20/14
This was for a competition. The goal was to design a magazine cover and a series of interior spreads. Since the name of the magazine is Spectrum, I decided to use crystals for the basis of my cover. The three blue images are pictures of actual quartz crystals. The first two I messed with in photoshop. The third one is a straight up photo. I zoomed in on a crystal and made it black and white with a cyan photo filter.

I ended up using the third photo and overlayed it with a series of geometric shapes filled with gradients.

I also made a logo for the magazine, since they don't have one.

As for the interiors, I wanted the design to be really clean so that the focus would be on the content instead of creative distractions. It didn't win, but I'm proud of it.
  • I was given the challenge of designing a magazine cover and two interior spreads for the annual literary and fine arts magazine called "Spectrum." Spectrum is filled with literary and fine artwork from students at Stevenson Univeristy. For this design, I based the cover on where the spectrum can come from—a crystal. 

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