Spa Iconography System

Created: 02/28/13
Last Edited: 12/19/13
Nine Degrees is a Middle Eastern spa concept created by ESADORE International, and the inspiration for it was to develop a unique spa brand that keeps Middle Eastern traditions alive, whilst increasing public knowledge and understanding of the value and vital importance of Health and Relaxation within daily living and leisure time.

I designed a signage concept for Nine Degrees Spa. The task was creating a bilingual (English-Arabic) spa and wellness-oriented way finding system that easily and instantly communicates with the guests and visitors, relying on the idea of being simple and universally understandable.

The signage has to speak Nine Degrees brand identity, so it needs to carry out the specific color palette, typography and the tone. I created a flexible signage concept and tailored a communication strategy, which makes us able to develop it based on the buildings’ architectural and interior characteristics. The pictograms and iconography elements were created to reflect the relaxing environment of a spa.

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