Southside Shootout 2011

Created: 06/30/11
Last Edited: 11/20/12
Video coverage of United Skim Tour's Southside Shootout 2011
  • Southside Shootout 2011
    Dewey Beach, Delaware

    The event took place on the weekend of June 4th & 5th. Virginia Beach Skimmunity House and I took a trip up to Delaware where we took part of the event. This is the 2nd official stop for United Skim Tour 2011. We all had a blast as a bunch of us skimmers both on Pro, Semi-Pro, and Amateur levels all met and had a great time. I filmed with my Canon HV30 camera a long with my Canon T2i for stills and footage. Overall, the contest had a magnificent display of technical skills and pushing the envelope as the conditions began to simmer down in the heats.
  • Pro-rider: Pickle
  • Pro-rider: Pickle
  • Pro-rider: Emanuel Embaixador

  • Pro-rider: Emanuel Embaixador
  • Pro-rider: Brandon Sears
  • Pro-rider: Brandon Sears

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