Soundtrek: an interactive music experience

  • Soundtrek is an interactive music experience that composes real-time music based on feedback from your surroundings. Soundtrek is an exciting new mobile app that will transform the way you perceive your environment.

    Choose from a variety of options which will influence your Soundtrek experience.
    There are four distinct variables which impact the music generation process. Soundtrek uses the iPhone’s built-in gyroscope to detect movement, such as walking or jumping. The microphone detects ambient sounds; whether talking, passing cars or crickets, this feedback influences the experience. Location plays a role too; are you in an urban setting or the country? GPS pinpointing configures the music based on the population density of your location. Is it 3:00am or or morning rush hour? Time of day is yet another factor.

    Play interface is elegant and unobtrusive. A minimalistic abstract animation based on soundwaves enhances the visual experince, but Soundtrek is designed mainly to work behind the scenes while you watch the music interact with your world. Pause the music on screen or remotely via headset controls. If you like the song Soundtrek created, click the heart button to save it to your library for later listening.

    Songs play for a maximum duration of four minutes, after which a new track begins. This is a seamless transition which does not interfere with continuous experience, much like a film score.

    Save up to three compositions in the free version. In the full version library is limited only by storage space allocated to Soundtrek.

    Tap once to highlight, twice to expand for detailed info about the track and select for playing. Click on the location coordinates to see a map of where the music happened. Record an optional personal note about the song. Slide up to activate editing function to delete or reorder tracks.