Soothee Service concept

  • Objective
    The objective of the project was to develop a service concept based on previous analyses of existing service sectors. The new service should either fulfill unmet customer needs, or address customer groups that are not explored yet within the service sector. The concept was to be presented visually as part of a presentation and wall chart, with a rudimentary branding. The new service offering had to be connected to one of two previously chosen and researched brands — in this case BMW and method.*

    Based on previous research projects about the service sector of Temporary Housing for Families of Medical Patients (NAICS Code 624221), I intended to target unexplored customer groups — in this case people with temporary health impairments. Taking inspiration from method's quirky and fun brand personality, I created a service concept focused on collaboration and encouragement.

    Soothee is an online service targeting individuals with temporary health impairments that seek assistance to stay on top of their busy schedules. To keep with the quirky and fun personality, the brand identity was designed very bright and colorful, communicating the encouragement of mutual support within the community. To facilitate contact between community members, both an online portal and a smartphone app were integrated into the system as integral touchpoints.

    The wallchart shows the two personas used to identify core user needs, a storyboard depicting the typical service experience, and a service blueprint, showing the important steps during the user experience and the corresponding touchpoints and processes. The presentation shows an overview and visual prototypes of touchpoints.

    Time for the final development of the project was 1.5 weeks, including refined service concept, and the development of brand and personas, as well as identification and design of touchpoints.

    *method research done by Lindsay Vetell
  • Overview of current service sector non-customers 
  • Brand identity overview, based on previous method identity research*
  • One of the used personas
  • Overview of service touchpoints over time
  • Slide showing an initial mobile app mockup
  • The full wallchart showing the personas, the storyboard and the service blueprint
  • Detail of the service blueprint