Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Report

Created: 08/28/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Annual Report for the Society of Petroleum Engineers.
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Annual Report
  • The Society of Petroleum Engineers is a professional association for energy engineers and scientists with a world wide membership of over 100,000. They run dozens of educational and career improvement programs and hold hundreds of workshops and conferences.

    This report is distributed online as well as personally taken to directors and CEO's of major energy companies to promote membership of their employees into the society.

    Specifications: 16 pages, 4/4, print run of 8,500, folded dimension A4, printed on 100 lb. Sterling Dull Book.
  • Back cover (Left) and front cover (Right). Because this is a member-driven professional society, they wanted members featured on the cover.
  • The major programs of the past year are featured.

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