Society Membership Welcome Packet

Created: 08/31/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Society of Petroleum Engineers welcome packet for new members.
  • SPE Membership Welcome Packet
    New members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers receive this packet.
  • Front cover (outside carrier) of mailer. This carrier had a print quantity of 20,000. Extra quantities of the outside carrier were printed and kept at the Printer's warehouse for use with the next updated inside pages/booklet. Quantities were sent to mailing house for assemblage and fulfillment.
  • Left side is the welcome letter from the Society. The right side begins the 20-page booklet which contains resources available to the new members and background information on the Society. Printed on Lynx Opaque Book 70 lb. White.
  • Introduction/Contents page of the welcome booklet.
  •  Last pages of the welcome booklet. Includes a form to keep their member information updated.
  •  Membership certificate. Silver Foil Stamp, printed on Neenah Sundance Felt 65 lb. Ultra White. Removable, for the option of framing.

  • Back of mailer. Address is printed on the back of the welcome letter to show through window.

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