So You Think You Can Dance "Science of Dance"

Created: 05/08/13
Last Edited: 07/04/14
Television spot "So You Think You Can Dance" show, "Science of Dance", I've collaborated with a few other artists to create the graphics,and effects.
  • So You Think You can Dance "Science of Dance spot.
    Agency/Post Production:  FOX On-Air Broadcasting Graphics/ FOX Special Ops
    Client:  FBC (FOX Special OPs On-Air Promo
    Graphics/Design Artists: Gabe Espinoza,Daniel Robichaud, David Miramontes, and Sharon Park
    Creative Director: Justin Owens / Emily Reed
    Producer: Golareh Safarian
    Sound:  Chuck Hogan
    Editor:   Marcus Thomas
  • The request on this one was to be a little more creative than usual for “So You Think You Can Dance,” focusing on the technical and scientific elements to a great performance.

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