Smart Chemistry

  • Smart Chemistry

  • Belm Designs has started work on the "Smart Chemistry" Campaign for the Roman Alexander Salon. All hair styles were works of magic by Roman himself,All hair styles were works of magic by Roman himself, but the poster concepts for the campaign was the magic at Belm Designs. Stay tuned for the final selection.

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  • Finished concept posters
  • Compositing hair is one of the hardest tasks to get right, but we can do it
  • Every photo taken has retouching done to it for perfection.
  • Photoshop retouching
  • Sending the prints to the printer. For fashion and glamour concepts we always breakout the photo chrome pearl paper to give it a mSending the prints to the printer.
  • Selecting which concepts will make the final cut for the campaign and why
  • Kyle and I reviewing the comps with the client
  • 2 poster concepts in a 5 part series