Small Doses

Created: 05/08/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
candy company called "Small Doses" that sells their product in pill containers
  • Small Doses
  • I created a company called "Small Doses" which is essentially a hard candy company that sells their products in pill containers. I created this psychedelic logo to represent how candy can be like drugs because it is so addicting. I chose a heart shape to represent the medicine containers that they are packaged in, and used a ribbon to represent the flavors on each box. I chose colors that represented each flavor: mint, sour, chocolate, and lemon. I then hand lettered words that described each flavor, and put them on the label as well. I still wanted the logo to be the main focus, so the words are a more subtle of a color. I then created scripts that go in each bottle, that say something different for each flavor, as well as when to take each type of candy, simulating a real life doctors script. Chocolate: "cures a broken heart" -- Lemon: "brightens your day" -- Mint: "invigorates your senses" -- Sour: "shocks your system" There is a small, medium, and large, as well as a box that you can essentially punch out the candy.

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