• Overview
    Sky Ranch is a collection of camps in three states: Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma. From children's summer programs, SkyMoms' ministry to mothers, family camps, school programs, retreat services and more, Sky Ranch reaches over 50,000 individuals with their programs every year.

    Each year, Sky Ranch releases a booklet outlining the core goals of their camp as well as their programming. This literature serves as a core piece of marketing for the camp, so it goes without saying that its design was extremely important for their success going forward. The booklet needed to tell a story of what Sky Ranch had to offer in a way that it would appeal to the young people attending; but more importantly, the parents who would be making the decision to send their children to camp.

    Previous designs of the brochure involved a heavy use of wood textures. While this would seem to be complimentary to telling the story of camp, the textures communicated indoor wooden panelling compared with the earthiness of actually being outdoors. Therefore, the new booklet we created used much more subtle textures with unwashed colors to better tell a summer camp story. In order to retain consistency with earlier marketing materials, a script and western-styled typeface from previous materials were used in the new booklet. The brochure's layout was designed to showcase camp photos in order to create a visually captivating story of life at camp.
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