Skunkworks Division Branding

  • Skunkworks Logo Design
    After numerous skunk sketches, this was the identity that we landed on. The concept was an illustrated translation of the words "skunk" and "works." The skunk that lies in the center of the mark is surrounded by the ever-distinct, striped tail that is a unique to the skunk. The gear surrounding the skunk symbolizes members of the Skunkworks team (components that cohesively move together to make things "work" ). The symmetry of the gear also gave the mark a covert-like badge look which is fitting for a secretive Research and Development division. The use of black and white for the logo was the natural choice.

  • Skunkworks Business Card Design
    I knew immediately that I wanted to do a black on black card for the Skunkworks team. A matte black with a spot UV was a perfect compliment to the stealthy nature of this division. The black on the Skunkworks logo is a rich CMYK black while the black hit with a spot UV while the background color of  the card is 100% black with satin finish giving it a sleek tonal look. The colorful Sambreel logo of the parent company also worked in well with the design.

  • Skunkworks Team T-shirts
    We wanted a vintage look and feel to these shirts so we went with black and white discharge inks on a charcoal heather 60/40 cotton-poly blend. These shirts look and feel fantastic.

  • Skunkworks Animated Logo Pre-roll
    This was a short animated pre-roll of the logo that was created for use in all Skunkworks product demos. Again I elected to use the quickly identifiable skunk tail and animated it wrapping around the skunk head as the gear and the Skunkworks name appears.