Skull Reading Cards

  • Skull Reading Cards

    This project is about phrenology, the study of the skull and it's relationship to personality and ability. 

    I packaged the information in the form of reading cards. Much like tarot cards, a card reader would examine your head and present you with your hidden personality and abilities. 

    This package contains everything a skull reader would need: a caliper, ruler, informational cards, and a notebook to take notes in. Not to mention the intriguing package that holds everything in place. 

    It's important that I share this as not only an original package, but an original hobby as well. Phrenology is known by little people and this product brings back the science in a new exciting way. 

    ** Just recently won a juried show Excellence in Graphic Design award at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. 
  • Shelf presence: including the wrap to hold the container together before it is purchased. 
  • The order of seeing everything is no coincidence, first the skull reader would need the caliper to measure his/her clients head. 
  • Then they would need to compare the skull measurement to the ruler. 
  • If needed, the skull reader could take notes. 
  • Now it's time to bring out the card set. 
  • The reader would need to determine the proper faculty to present to the client as their hidden personality trait. 
  • Skull Reading Cards