Skiing brand

Created: 01/25/13
Last Edited: 01/26/13
This was a branding project where I made up a high end luxury ski resort. I first created a logo for the resort, Apres Mountain. Once I had an identity I continued to make business cards, letterhead, and envelopes for the resort as well.

I kept the type very traditional and timeless for a classy feel along with the stylized pine cone placed atop the logo. The color is a calm winter green to cohere with the ski resort feel of an elegant wintery get away.
  • These business cards are unique. They are 2x2 inch squares, unfolding to 4 inches when opened. The top is the folded card. The square is a die cut out of the front flap so the pinecone from the inside can be seen when the card is folded. The second image is the opened business card unfolded revealing the information.
  • Here are studies of the original pinecone. I tested color, arrangement, and typography. I ended up refining the pinecone to be more refined for a more deliberate look, which in turn gave a more high end look instead of a regular back-woods lodge type of aesthetic.

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