• Grids Are Good
    This sketchbook has been about three years in the making, and is the only one I've ever finished. Slow and steady wins the race, I suppose. I'm not much for sketching directly on the page (or at all, as you can see); I prefer collecting bits of this and that over time, until I have a perfectly curated collection. I'm so reluctant to commit anything permanently to the page that most of the contents are affixed with itty-bitty pieces of masking tape. Judge not, y'all. What follows are the highlights—if you'd like to see this book in its entirety, wander over here.
  • Safe and Sound
    I have an incurable fascination with patterns. Combine that with an appreciation for ordinary and readily available materials, and follow it to its obvious conclusion: a collection of security envelopes. So far, I've accumulated 113 unique* designs. Who knew there were so many?!? Below are a few of my favorites, but you can view them all right here.
    The amazing folks at UPPERCASE magazine were kind enough to share my collection on their blog.
    *I count motifs that are alike but printed in different colors or scales as unique designs