Skateboard wheel Package Design

  • Skateboard wheel Package Design
  • This package design project incorporated the redesign of skateboard wheel packaging. I wanted to add a level of interactivity that incorporated the spirit of skateboarding. I used two of the wheels to make a printing press which could be rolled on an ink pad and optimally printed on a t-shirt (or some other surface) giving the user a custom t-shirt. This concept exemplifies what skateboarding is all about. That is, taking something not made for skateboarding (ledges, stairs, rails, etc.) and using the obstacles to benefit the Skateboarder.
  •                      The top of the package.
  •                      The front of the package.
  • package
  • package
  • package
  • packaging.
  •                      Once the user has rolled the wheel on an ink pad. The user can print the graphic on the surface of the wheel.