Six Degrees of Influence Poster / ROUGH Issue

Created: 06/14/13
Last Edited: 06/14/13
Six Degrees of Influence
ROUGH Magazine
Sept/Oct 2009

Poster Concept & Design / Magazine Art Direction & Copywriting / Editorial Contribution: Six Degrees of Influence (article)

The Six Degrees of Influence poster grew from an idea I had to document the reach of my influences in the world of design. The poster project and the accompanying article I contributed also coincided with The Brand Hatchery's turn at designing ROUGH magazine, the Dallas Society of Visual Communications' member magazine.

The theme of the ROUGH was centered around the DSVC's large but close knit community, a network of designers, printers, illustrators and photographers spanning generations and the evolution of communications.

PS: This poster was a result of surveys passed on and on and back to me. I logged, organized, sorted, color-coded and hand-threaded the answers I received during the summer of 2009 by hand, and then in Illustrator. You can read the article I wrote and see the survey answers and degrees in detail at
6 Degrees of Influence online.

Additional Credits:
Blanks Printing and Imaging

Communication Arts Design Annual 2010
UNTold+New Alumni Retrospective 2011

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