Sheridan's Lattés and Frozen Custard

  • Sheridan's Lattés and Frozen Custard
    Redesigning a business with less cowbell
  • With a national franchise expansion underway and a desire to increase winter traffic, Sheridan’s needed epositioning, name evolution and a new identity. Willoughby Design's challenge was to retain the custard image and gain credibility with customers in a new category: coffee. We designed a prototype store in Kansas City’s Crown Center and the new identity has been implemented in both new and existing franchise locations nationally. The system includes everything from menu boards, promotional signage and store graphics to gift cards, franchisee materials and cup jackets. Wowie the Cool Cow even got a facelift.
  • Previous identity featured Wowie behind a hay bail.
  • Redesigned brand identity with new product descriptor
  • Exploration Round 1 Board
  • Round 2 Board Refinements with marriage of designs from other concept
  • Brand Standards Guide
  • Prototypes for Stationary featuring Wowie the brand mascot
  • Detail of Treat DNA, the visual voice of the brand
  • Promotional Campaign featuring products using the Treat DNA iconography
  • Latté sleeves featuring "Wowie That's Fresh" - the brand tagline
  • Detail of Environmental Graphic Bid Package
  • Prototype kiosk store
  • Direct mail promotional pieces.