Shaker Square Cleveland Urban Sketcher kit

Created: 06/20/13
Last Edited: 06/20/13
Problem: To create an experience and visually narrate the experience to the audience.

Solution: I chose to experience both Urban Sketching and Shaker Square. My goal was to describe my experience at Shaker Square through a visual journal. I chose to make an Urban Sketcher’s kit that a person would get when they arrived at Shaker Square. In this kit, there is the tools that I used (Fountain pen, pencil, watercolor brush, and a watercolor set). I included 2 sketchbooks. One of the sketchbook’s is of my experience, and the other is blank for the person to create their own experience. I also included a map of the Square, that showed where all of the stores are located. On the back of the map, I included pictures of the places that I visited, along with the spot illustrations.

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