Created: 03/01/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
Designer as Author
  • Sexting
    Designer as Author/Book Design
  • This book deals with the legal and moral issues regarding sexting among minors and young adults. It explores the issue from 4 points of view; the laws of the State of Utah, a detective who deals with the victims, a parole officer who deals with the perpetrators, and the author. I conducted the research and the interviews, transcribed the data, designed the book, took the photographs, and published and produced the book.

    The concept behind the design was to objectify the content into a pseudo-digital form. The slipcase, resembling a cell phone, contains a window that reveals the book cover. The pages are designed so that the text could also be read by sliding individual pages into the case. In trying to relate the content to intangible data, the pages were printed on transparencies because they felt less-tangible. The pages are designed in the vernacular of a low-tech cell phone text message, and all of the photos were taken with a low-fidelity camera phone.