• Sentebale

    Promotional Campaign | Graphic Design 2 | 2009


  • This promotional campaign project gave us the opportunity to develop a system in 
    order to promote and publicize an event, product or subject matter for a non-profit 
    organization of our choice.  
    Within the system each of the design pieces are unified by appearance and the message of each 
    needed to be clear and consistent.

    The Sentebale Organization was co-founded by Prince Seeiso of the Lesotho Royal family and Prince Harry of the British Royal Family.  It is a great organization dedicated to helping out the most vulnerable and orphaned children in Lesotho.  Sentebale means forget-me-not.

    Since I completed this project the organization has re-branded their look changing colors, typeface and logo of Sentebale.

    I used the original logo on the center poster displayed below.  The colors have been drawn from the old look of the organization and the look I was going for was inspired by traditional african art.

    The posters were made for a fictitious family festival where money raised would go to the Sentebale organization.