Senior Thesis Project: Threads4Justice

  • Senior Thesis Project: Threads4Justice
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    Pixels of Fury Exhibition 2012: Design for Good
    Senior Seminar is the final year of students’ design training at the University of Missouri–St. Louis. Students are challenged to push the limits of design boundaries with a self-directed thesis project. To find inspiration for this assignment, we were asked to do some personal reflection to find out what drives us as designers.
    After several weeks of soul-searching, I found a topic that is tied to my personality and identity – T-shirts. Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong connection to this iconic piece of American fashion. I wanted to incorporate T-shirts into my Senior Thesis project, so I decided upon a social justice campaign. T-shirts have a unique ability as conveyors of graphic ideas. When a message is distilled into a visual format, it can be used on a T-shirt and has the potential to be seen by thousands. After researching five different human rights issues, I began designing T-shirts around each topic. The topics I chose to research include
    Nuclear Disarmament
    Child Hunger
    Transgendered Violence
    Knockout Kings
    Capital Punishment
    What you see below is my creative process, from conception to completion. These are the slides I used when presenting my thesis to a panel of my peers, instructors, and professionals from the St. Louis area.
    If you'd like to see the shirts in more detail or learn more about the issues, you can visit Threads4Justice's
    official page.