Senior Show: Study on Love

  • In 2013, I spent the year exploring the concept of human love and encapsulated my research into poetic and editorial works of art for my senior show. The paintings in the exhibition interpreted and expanded on the Radio Lab show, “This is Your Brain on Love”. The six paintings correspond to six chemical reactions involved in love, in order from top left to bottom right: oxytocin, lack of oxytoxin, lack of dopamine, norepinephrine, lack of norepinephrine, and dopamine. I communicated these abstract concepts by combining human figures in relationship with floral form/pattern. I also created a three-dimensional installation as an added compliment. The seven folded paper houses are made entirely out of love letters and serve as a commentary on familial and fraternal love. I collected each letter from friends and family, and each depicts a different type of love, whether that be parent-child, siblings, dating, or grandparent-grandchild.