• As part of the WWDUC2 (What We Do You Can Too) a subcommittee of the AAF-RDU Club of Raleigh-Durham. I put together a reel on how I got into the design field. 
  • Final video reel for the presentation.
  • What is WWDU2?
    WWDUC2 is a subcommittee of the AAF-RDU Club of Raleigh-Durham. It is comprised of a dedicated team of people with extensive experience in the advertising industry including design, writing, account services, web design and video production who came together with a goal to introduce high school and college freshmen to career opportunities within the advertising industry.
    What is WWDUC2’s Objective?
    To connect high school students and college freshmen with professionals who work in advertising agencies and related advertising businesses, providing them with real-life experiences to fuel their interests and inspire them to pursue a career in advertising.
    What is WWDUC2’s Goal?
    To engage 10 students to participate in the 2013 AAF-RDU Summer Internship program, placing one student in each participating host business.