Self Promotion 2012

Created: 04/18/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Self Promotion Piece for Senior Projects Class Spring 2012
  • Self Promotion
    Concept/Theme Piece
  • ¬†To choose the format for my self promotion I thought about the reoccurring aspects of my life. These
    being Scottish Culture, Bagpipes and Cerebral Palsy. Since I always seem to steer myself towards my hobby, I decided to acknowledge the one thing that has been both a blessing and a hardship since the day I was born. Children with Cerebral Palsy are often surrounded by medical files (I, myself, have 3 ridiculously large folders full). I felt that I could take the typical drab medical formats and use them not to state facts of my CP but to showcase some of the pieces that help me overcome it.
  • Prescription¬† Business Card
  • Pictures by Kezbin Dizmaxter

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